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Ultramarine Linux has an active community of users, tinkerers, developers, and everyone in between.

Our community (like our code) is open to everyone. Here’s some of the official spaces:


Guild Migration

We are currently in the process of migrating users from the Ultramarine Linux Discord to the Fyra Labs Discord. Please use the Fyra Discord.

The Fyra Labs Discord is for all of our projects. We have lively discussions and build great things together. You can get support as a user and as a contributor here.

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Fyra Labs is on Matrix! You can access the best of the community inside Matrix!

All of our development channels are bridged, so you can also start here if you’d like to contribute code.

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The Ultramarine Subreddit is a more asynchronous way to interact with the community. It offers the same great things in a more reddit-y way.

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Ultramarine Linux is on Twitter and the Fediverse. These accounts will include important updates about features, bugs, and downtime.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that the Fyra Community is larger than just Fyra (the organization). Part of this is interacting with the rest of our community. We feel that this allows us to better judge the desires and needs of our users (and we love talking to all of you.)