Ultramarine is built with our community. From polls and community engagement to community-built software, we involve our community in everything we do.


Ultramarine Linux is open source. Because of this, anyone can add to, copy, or distribute the code that makes up Ultramarine.

This applies to all of the code that Fyra Labs writes with the community, and most of the code from Fedora.

Sadly, some components, especially device drivers, may be (in a way) held hostage by their authors. This means we cannot see or fix the code.

Check out the Development Page to get started!


Ultramarine includes the Terra repository, which is a community collection of software that isn’t in Fedora’s repositories. Contributing packages for Terra allows you to help Ultramarine and other Fedora-based distro users get the software they need. To get started, see the Terra documentation.

Bug Hunting

This part is easy, just use Ultramarine and report bugs as you find them. You can report general issues to Ultramarine-Linux/ultramarine, or ask in one of our chats where to report.


New and existing Ultramarine-specific components require user-friendly and visually appealing designs. If you would like to help out with design, join one of our chats and ask where you can help.


Documentation allows people to understand how to use Ultramarine. Our main source of documentation is the wiki you’re currently reading. If you would like to contribute to the wiki, you can make a pull request to the Ultramarine-Linux/wiki-new repository. If you need help or want to discuss changes, please join one of our chats.


Many parts of Ultramarine need testing before release. Here’s a list of our current pre-release programs:

We announce new programs frequently, join our chat or follow us on socials to stay up to date.


You can sponsor us on Github!

Your sponsorship helps us continue and dedicate more time to our work, allowing us to develop and ship technology that can make a difference for you (and many others.) Now, of course, don’t forget there’s also some sweet and useful benefits (with even more coming soon) in it for you :3


Ultramarine is always looking for new users, contributors, and community members. We employ a variety of channels to reach out to new people, including social media, events, and partnerships. If you’d like to help us grow, join one of our chats and ask where you can help.


One of Ultramarine’s major focuses is to support as many hardware platforms as possible, our formal initiative for this is Ultramarine Anywhere. We’re always looking for people with knowledge of different and niche hardware platforms to help us expand our support. Hardware donations are also appreciated, especially Chromebooks and RISC-V boards, as they’re a major focus of this program.

If you’d like to help out in this area please join one of our chats and ask where you can help.


Translations allow Ultramarine to be used by people around the world. You can lend us your expertise to get Ultramarine in your language.

This Wiki

Reach out in one of our chats and we’ll make you a branch.

The Installer and other Ultramarine Components

Head to Fyra Weblate to get started translating.


Each desktop environment handles their own translations for the desktop itself and their included apps. Please see the Upstream Contributions section for more information.

Upstream Contributions

Ultramarine is built on top of many open source and libre software projects, with similar goals and contribution needs to Ultramarine. Our community regularly contributes to these upstream projects, and we encourage you to do the same.

Here is a list of important upstream projects to Ultramarine, with links to their contribution pages: