System Requirements

These are our suggestions for the most basic (daily-driveable) system:

  • 4GB of RAM (8GB or more recommended)
  • 64-bit processor (x86_64/amd64)
  • 16GB of free disk space (24GB or more recommended)
  • Internet connection (for downloading the ISO image, updates, and additional drivers)
  • A computer that supports booting from a USB drive
  • A USB drive (for creating the bootable media)

Minimum Requirements for Raspberry Pi

  • Raspberry Pi 4 or newer
  • 4GB of RAM OR 2GB of RAM without a desktop environment
  • 8gb Class 10 MicroSD Card

We currently only provide an image without a desktop for Raspberry Pi. This will be changed in Ultramarine 40. For now, you can install a desktop environment on the base image.

Minimum Requirements for ARM Devices Using UEFI

  • 64-bit processor (aarch64)
  • 4GB or RAM
  • 16GB of Storage

Minimum Requirements

These requirements are the bare minimum to run Ultramarine Linux. Using Ultramarine on a computer of this caliber will not be a good time.

  • 1gb of RAM
  • 64-bit processor (x86_64 OR aarch64)
  • 8gb of disk space