Microsoft Surface

Surfaces require a special kernel to work properly under Ultramarine.

These are currently provided by the Surface Linux team, start by adding their repository

sudo dnf config-manager \

Then, install the kernel and it’s dependencies

sudo dnf install --allowerasing kernel-surface iptsd libwacom-surface

If you want to use secure boot, you need to install surface-secureboot, enable 3rd party keys in the EFI settings, and enroll the key in cert-manager. This does not work well on some devices, so we recommend disabling secure boot.

We intend to make this easier in future releases.

Some Surface models may not boot with a stock copy of Ultramarine Linux. If this is the case for your device, you have to install the kernel before leaving the live environment.

  1. Ensure your internal storage is mounted, Anaconda should leave it mounted by default.

  2. Check the root partition, it should be mounted as /mnt/sysroot

  3. Chroot into the installed system

sudo chroot /mnt/sysroot
  1. Follow the above instructions

  2. Run dracut -f to make sure the new kernel is installed as the initramfs.

  3. Exit the chroot and reboot!