This page contains bugs that we can’t solve or that are easily solvable by users. We remove them as they are resolved.

Releases older than 37 will not have their eratta modified as we do not have records of fixing the issues.

All Versions

  • Installer scripts may not work

This is solved by distributors including Ultramarine as a synonym to Fedora.

Ultramarine Linux 40

Xfce Edition

  • Login screen wallpaper is Fedora’s

    This is a small issue with our tweaks not being applied. We should have this fixed in an update soon.

Pantheon Edition

  • Pantheon is upgraded but login does not work

    We are still debating Pantheon’s fate, but as of now Pantheon is not included in Ultramarine 40 and probably will stay that way.

All Editions

  • Flathub not included in new installs

    Our builder had dnf weakdeps disabled, causing ultramarine-repos-extras to not be installed. This was fixed in UM40.1.

  • Raw images don’t have a Plymouth theme

    Fixed in UM40.1.

  • Manpages not included

    Our builder follows the dnf config of the host system. Fedora container images have a dnf flag enabled that removes manpages, this was inherited by Ultramarine images. This was fixed in UM40.2.

  • Translation and Localization issues

    Similarly to the last issue, Fedora containers only include English locale data, this was inherited by UM images and fixed in UM40.2.

  • Fedora bookmarks still included

    We removed the Fedora bookmarks and replaced them with ultramarine-phony-bookmarks. As the name implies, there are no bookmarks.

  • dnf5 not set as default

    We intended to switch to dnf5 with UM40, but something went wrong and the change wasn’t shipped. This was fixed in UM40.2

  • Firmware missing on GNOME Edition

    A team member erroneously pushed a flag that disabled the installation of weak dependencies, and forgot to remove the flag later.

Instructions for getting 40.1 and 40.2 fixes ->

Ultramarine Linux 39

Pre-release Images

  • We accidentally released pre-release versions of Ultramarine.

    A small handful of users and reviewers got their hands on these images. These images do not reflect the final release, if you used one and it was buggy, we invite you to try the final release, as many of the bugs were fixed.

Budgie Edition

  • Budgie wallpapers may be installed instead of Ultramarine wallpapers.

Package Groups

  • Misspelled “environment” as “enviroment”.

This is now fixed in Ultramarine 39 and has been backported to 38.

Ultramarine Linux 37 (EOL)


  • The wallpaper is not set by default. Please set your own wallpaper.

Ultramarine 36 (EOL)


  • Firefox Still Includes Fedora Bookmarks

    Firefox depends on fedora-bookmarks. You can simply remove the bookmarks yourself


  • Anaconda Shows a Warning about the System Being Pre-Release

Anaconda can’t find product information about Ultramarine and assumes it’s a pre-release version of Fedora or RHEL.

Package Management

  • DNF Tells the User There Are No Repositories Available for a COPR Project

This is due to the fact that the DNF Copr plugin detects the OS ID /etc/os-release file, and Ultramarine uses a custom code instead of fedora.

A workaround is to also specify the Fedora buildroot when trying to add a Copr repository.

GNOME Edition

  • Pop!_Shell launcher

The Pop!_Shell launcher is not included. This can be fixed by installing the pop-launcher package.

Cutefish Edition

  • SDDM Displaying Black Screen

SDDM may display a black screen when starting up. This is a known issue, but there is no known fix as of yet. (Possibly an upstream bug, help needed.)

Pantheon Edition

  • Missing Switchboard (Settings) menus

This was caused by missing Pantheon Switchboard modules, which are not included in Ultramarine Linux due to time constraints.

You can help us fix this issue by offering to maintain these packages ourselves, or by contributing to help submit them to upstream Fedora.

OSTree Edition

  • Missing Tweaks from the Standard Releases

As the standard release includes a script to modify the system, due to the nature of OSTree, we are unable to include these tweaks unless we rebuild all major packages with our custom patches.

You can help us fix this issue by contributing and maintaining these packages yourself.